Get to know Pro-Fit Bangkok, it's outstanding reputation as Bangkok's #1 personal training company and it's staff of professional personal trainers & nutrition coaches in Bangkok.

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Expert personal trainers in Bangkok

Pro-Fit Bangkok is a highly skilled, professional personal training & plant based nutritional coaching team in Bangkok, Thailand.

We provide World class concierge style personal training, nutritional coaching, Muay Thai, Physiotherapy, Kickboxing and healthy lifestyle management training programs at condo gyms, in-home, gyms, fitness studios, parks and hotels in Bangkok.

We endeavor to bring our fitness clients the highest quality personal training with the ease and convenience to make exercising enjoyable, convenient and successful.

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Pro-Fit Bangkok Owner & Head Trainer

Pro-Fit Bangkok is owned and operated by Internationally acclaimed personal trainer, Dennis Romatz.

Dennis leads all personal trainers in Bangkok with 34 years personal training & plant based nutritional coaching experience and has a University education in Exercise Science & Nutrition.

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Superior personal training

Pro-Fit Bangkok focuses on delivering the highest quality goal oriented, results driven personal training, nutrition and weight loss.

We use principles of exercise science, exercise physiology, correct bio mechanics and kinesiology and plant based nutrition as the foundation for our program design so that our clients are guaranteed to achieve their goals and get the results they desire.

We also use the Polar H10 Heart Sensor with our clients to track their bio metrics and heart rate in real time, thus ensuring that they are always training within safe and effective heart rate and ventricular parameters and zones.

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Life changing benefits

Our highest priority is to help each and every client we train achieve their goals safely and effectively.

We are a business type whose successes (and referrals) are predicated on the results we help our clients achieve thru very focused personal fitness training & nutritional guidance.  Therefore, we put everything we have into each session with every client we train.  We treat each workout session as an opportunity to help you win the battles along the way and become someone better than you were before the workout started.

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We want you to be absolutely confident that you have the perfect personal trainer who matches your personality, your budget and who can help you achieve what you couldn't do on your own.

We offer everyone a free consultation, a free trial training session and a free fitness assessment with a skeletal analysis, functional movement screen and a nutritional mapping.

This gives us an opportunity to deliver the very best personal training service and get to know our clients a lot better so we can form a mutual, synergistic bond to guarantee fun and effective training sessions.

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Commitment to your success

Pro-Fit Bangkok has an incredible story from our inception into the Bangkok fitness industry fourteen years ago to our massive growth and success of today.

Our personal trainer team has been able to change the lives of many people and achieve a credible reputation as the "go-to" personal training company in Bangkok.

We've have changed the landscape of fitness training in Bangkok and we invite you to join us as we continue to improve the quality of the lives of all those who train with us.

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Pro-Fit Bangkok

Email:  profitasiafitness@gmail.com

Telephone:  +66 0981015563

Line App:  dennisromatz

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