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Lumpini Rama 9

95/328 Rama 9 Road

Huay Kwang

Bangkok, Thailand  10310


Email:  profitasiafitness@gmail.com

Tel:  +66 0917306580


We are incredibly busy and may not be able to answer our phone while in training sessions.  Please use Line App.

Line App:  dennisromatz


Mon. - Fri. 6:00 am - 8:00 pm

Sat. - 7:00 am - 12:00 pm

Sun. - upon request

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Pro-Fit Bangkok
Goal Oriented, Results Driven Fitness Training
Bangkok, Thailand
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Top Personal Fitness Trainer Team in Bangkok 14 Consecutive Years

Pro-Fit Bangkok has an incredible story from our inception into the Bangkok fitness industry thirteen years ago to our massive growth and success of today.

Our personal trainer team has been able to change the lives of many people and achieve a credible reputation as the "go-to" personal training company in Bangkok.

We've have changed the landscape of fitness training in Bangkok and we invite you to join us as we continue to improve the quality of the lives of all those who train with us.


Highest Quality Bangkok Fitness Training Professionals

Pro-Fit Bangkok is a goal oriented, results driven mobile personal fitness training company offering in home and condo gym personal training and nutritional guidance in Bangkok, Thailand.

We specialize in value added, convenient, effective, time saving fitness training with emphasis on weight loss and fat burning.

Pro-Fit Bangkok is lead by Dennis Romatz who has 33 years personal training experience.

Read about Dennis here.

Dennis Romatz also owns X-FIT, Pro-Fit in Bangkok, Pro-Fit in Saigon, Pro-Fit in Pattaya and Dennis Romatz Fitness in Chicago.


Sustained, Consistent Excellence in Personal Training

Pro-Fit Bangkok was founded in 2005 when Dennis Romatz decided to move to Bangkok to continue his professional personal training career and open the ultimate fitness training company in Bangkok offering unparalleled training services.

Pro-Fit has gained a reputation of being the finest mobile personal training company in Bangkok.

Owner, Head Personal Trainer Dennis Romatz has been a freelance personal trainer for more than 33 years.


Daily Victorious Achievements Via Intelligent Training

Pro-Fit Bangkok utilizes the most intelligent fitness training modalities, methodologies and protocols for your assured fitness training successes.

Our exercise prescription is based on scientific law, clinical processes and correct Kinesiology.

Our science based nutritional guidance ensures your fitness training success.

Our dedicated lead personal trainer, Dennis Romatz and the Pro-Fit Bangkok staff are committed to your fitness training success.


Fitness Training, Nutrition, Wellness, Lifestyle Coaching

We provides the finest health & wellness services in Bangkok.  Within these core concepts is our primary focus on condo gym personal fitness training, nutritional guidance, corrective & rehabilitative training and weight & fat loss.

These core concepts are derivatives of a more macro approach defined as Healthy Lifestyle Mentorship, Coaching and Guidance. 

Our primary goal is to help you achieve optimal health and biomechanical functionality.


Exercise Testing & Prescription, Prescription, Monitoring

We perform a complete exercise testing including skeletal & postural analysis for symmetry and alignment, biomechanical articulation & rotation movement functionality, balance, agility and proprioception.  This is comprehensive testing which allows us to then prescribe the most intelligent and beneficial fitness training program for optimal results.  This training program is married with a nutrition program to enhance your training progress and ensure successful results.


Bangkok Condo Gyms, Homes, Parks, Hotels, Villas

Our personal fitness training locations in Bangkok include most all areas with emphasis on our core area which is the Sukhumvit / Asoke intersection.  We travel up to On Nut and down to Phayathai Road and Lad Prao over to Narathiwas.

We travel by motorbike and are able to get to our client who live further out, however there is  mandatory additional fee per session.  The amount of this fee is determined by our extra travel time to get to your condo gym.

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Pro-Fit Bangkok

Email:  profitasiafitness@gmail.com

Telephone:  +66 0917306580

Line App:  dennisromatz

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Pro-Fit Bangkok

Lumpini Rama 9 95/328 Rama 9 Road, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310

+66 0917306580