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We are incredibly busy and may not be able to answer our phone while in training sessions.  Please use Line App.

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Mon. - Fri. 6:00 am - 8:00 pm

Sat. - 7:00 am - 12:00 pm

Sun. - upon request

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Pro-Fit Bangkok
Goal Oriented, Results Driven Fitness Training
Bangkok, Thailand
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Personal Training in Bangkok, Thailand


Discover how easy working out can be with our incredibly convenient condo gym & in-home personal training at your residence gym in Bangkok.

You choose your schedule.  Our personal trainers come to you!

Condo Gym Personal Training in Bangkok

Pro-Fit Bangkok offers a convenient service of condo gym training.  This method of fitness training ensures workout consistency and saves our clients time and money.

We bring any require fitness training equipment which allows us to train at any condo in Bangkok for every goal.


Reap the many benefits of personal training conveniently and consistently at your condo gym in Bangkok

Pro-Fit Bangkok professional personal trainers in Bangkok come to your condo gym to provide unparalleled fitness training, nutritional guidance, weight loss & fitness services.

We create an atmosphere of convenience, consistency and efficiency for safe, effective fitness training which maximizes your workout time and increases success.

We train using the equipment in your condo gym as well as the equipment we bring which we deem necessary for achieving results based on your goals.


We'll do all the leg work to get you started intelligently & properly

Give me a call, send an sms or an email and briefly describe your health & fitness intentions.

I'll respond back and we can then make arrangements to meet in person, whether it be myself or one of my staff personal trainers.

We'll make sure that your selected trainer meets your personal trainer price requirements and budget.

We'll provide a free skeletal assessment, functional movement screen and nutritional mapping to establish your baseline.

We can then discuss your goals and I or my staff trainer will begin to design the blueprint and schematic for your fitness training program and nutritional coaching requirements.

We can then get your training started and get you on your way to incredible health and your newly transformed body.


Our time saving condo gym & in-home personal training takes the hassle out of working out

Most people in Bangkok only have a couple options when deciding to workout or hire a personal fitness trainer.


Option 1:

Nope, this is not a smart option!

You can join a gym (pay monthly or yearly gym fees).  Travel to the gym every day (pay travel fees).  Work with the personal trainer they give you (pay for your trainer whom you probably did not get to choose).  Select your beverage to rehydrate (and pay their marked up fee).


Option 2:

Yes!  This is your smartest option!

Choose your desired Pro-Fit Bangkokpersonal trainer who will come to your condo gym, home or place of stay.

You merely pay the Pro-Fit Bangkok personal trainer's fee.

No gym fees.

No travel.

No travel fees.

No gym beverage costs.

No travel returning home.

No travel fees returning home. 


Pro-Fit Bangkok Condo Gym & In-Home personal training is quite simply the easiest, most comfortable and most convenient way to train and maintain a healthy lifestyle inclusive of a daily workout routine.


We bring all of the necessary fitness training equipment to your place of training.  We leave the equipment right there with you in most cases.  This way, you are able to use the equipment to train with on the days when you are not training with us.

Your Pro-Fit Bangkok personal fitness trainer will help you choose the proper program based on your current health condition and your goals. 

We offer a multitude of fitness programs for your benefit.  You can even choose from speed fitnessyoga, pilates, aqua / pool fitness, cardio kickboxing.

Pro-Fit Bangkok condo gym training makes training consistent because we will always show up.  This keeps you accountable and it helps to maintain an atmosphere of ease of training.

Consistency of training is made easy when your personal trainer comes to you.


Your personal training and fitness choice in Bangkok is simple and logical.

Pro-Fit Bangkok In-Home Personal Training is the best way to train!

Contact me here to start discussing all of your incredible personal fitness training and nutritional guidance options in Bangkok.


Simply contact me to meet and discuss your desired goals.

I will design and prescribe the most intelligent, goal appropriate fitness training program upon considering your realistic goals as well as thoroughly performing exercise testing via clinical & biomechanical modalities, methodologies and protocols.

I will meet you at your condo gym at your desired schedule to perform the most comprehensive fitness training.

The convenience, intelligent training and success are yours to indulge in.


Contact Us For A Free Initial Fitness Assessment!

Pro-Fit Bangkok

Email:  profitasiafitness@gmail.com

Telephone:  +66 0917306580

Line App:  dennisromatz

Please complete and submit the form below to schedule your free initial fitness assessment and to discuss how we can help you with your fitness training.

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Pro-Fit Bangkok

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