Fitness training programs in Bangkok

Discover how our customized Bangkok fitness training programs keep you laser focused and always training towards your goals.

fitness training programs in bangkok

Goal targeted fitness programs

Pro-Fit Bangkok provides a full menu of fitness training programs.  We are able to train for every client's needs thanks to our diverse and specialized skills, talents and experience.

We thoroughly assess each client's skeletal structure, biomechanics, balance, VO2 levels and fundamental functional abilities as a prerequisite to designing the most appropriate fitness training program.

Our fitness program menu

General Health 

Pro-Fit Bangkok offers a general health fitness training programs which is all encompassing. 

It includes your entire anatomy as well as your physiological processes. 

We target your particular priority areas and focus on cardio respiratory for heart health and daily optimal functionality & performance.

Metabolic Training

Metabolic training consists of movements inducing a higher heart rate with the intention of increasing metabolic rate and burn more fat.

This program is great for weight loss via body fat reduction as well as increased VO2 training for endurance.

Pool Fitness

Pool fitness is by far my favorite style of workout.  It's therapeutic as it's provides 360 degrees of balance and support so it is the perfect workout for everybody regardless of age.  We utilize the pool workouts for pregnancy training as well as Seniors training. 

Strength & Conditioning

This highly specialize sports performance style of training is great for the professional or aspiring athlete and can be tailored to suit every person's goals in a high performance type workout.

High Intensity Interval Training

Our high intensity interval training is closely related to metabolic conditioning, but with the addition of body weight movement targeting multiple muscle groups and joints. The pace of this workout makes it great for weight loss as well as total body conditioning.

Functional Fitness

Our functional training programs is designed for those who want to improve their daily performance and functionality. 

We train your muscles with a focus on skeletal structure, posture and alignment.  elements of cardio respiratory training are also included.

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Our Muay Thai kickboxing utilizes kicks, punches and focuses on anatomical muscles slightly above and below your waistline.  Kickboxing training programs can be purely kickboxing or can be mixed with metabolic conditioning , H.I.I.T. or another program required for your goals.

Pregnancy Training

Those who have trained with me know that I am the only person in Bangkok qualified to train pregnant women intelligently and confidently.  My pregnancy fitness programs involves therapy, stretching, lean muscle toning and cardiovascular fitness in a safe environment with special attention always given.

Suspension Strap Training

We have taken lashing straps and designed an awesome workout which incorporates stretching, body weight and balance movements.  It' snot a cardiovascular based workouts, but it does have other very important benefits.  It can also be the most convenient workout as the straps fit into any bag to be used anywhere.


Our pilates is perfect for anyone who wants or needs to dial into exercises stemming from the ball & socket in your hips and shoulders in a slow and methodical atmosphere.  We provide mat pilates, standing (vertical) pilates or pilates in the pool.


Anyone who knows pilates knows how perfect this workout can be for those interest in long, lean muscles. 


Our yoga program is so special because we come to you to perform the most amazing and therapeutic session in the privacy of your own home or environment.  We offer Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga as well as individually tailored yoga programs design specifically for your therapeutic needs.