Nutrtition coaches in Bangkok

nutrition coach in Bangkok

Nutrition coaches in Bangkok

We our staffed with plant based nutritional coaches who provide nutritional guidance, daily meal plans and food education.

Our nutrition coaches are educated in and subscribe to plant based nutrition, principles of ketogenic food plans, pescatarian meal plans and farm fresh organic, pesticide free foods.

Our nutrition coaches

Our Head Nutrition Coach is Dennis Romatz who has a University education in Nutrition.

Dennis is plant based nutrition specialist, advocate of a pescatarian food consumption plan and consumes and recommends eating only farm fresh, free range, pesticide free organic foods.

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We place a great deal of attention to food consumption with every client we train.

We firmly believe that nutrition is 80% of your fitness training goal achievement equation.

Therefore, we offer every new training client a free consultation with a food consumption screen and a mapping for proper nutrition.

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