Discover the incredible benefits of convenient live online personal training with Dennis Romatz of Pro-Fit Bangkok.

Our online fitness training provides all the results of in-person training at a fraction of the cost.

live online personal trainer

Live online personal training

The future of personal training convenience is here with our live on line personal training.

We've taken "online personal training" and redefined it by eliminating the cookie cutter, pre-recorded programs other personal trainers use and replaced it with live online training using Line App Video.

Pro-Fit Bangkok Live Online Personal Tra

How it works

Our live online personal training is so simple to use.

Simply load Line App on your phone, tablet, laptop or device.

Choose your favorite fitness training location.

Schedule your training session days and times.

Start training!

We'll be on the other end of your Live App video demonstrating all of your program movements and exercises teaching, guiding, coaching, educating, inspiring and motivating you to achieve more just as we would do in person.

Our online trainers

Our Live Online Personal Trainer is Dennis Romatz who is our most experienced and educated trainer.

Dennis is handling all online personal training duties and can work with you from wherever you are located anywhere in the World.

Learn more about live online personal trainer Dennis Romatz.

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