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Personal Trainer in Bangkok: How & Where To Find The Best Trainer

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With the fitness industry exploding in Bangkok, how do you go about finding the best personal trainer to help you get fit?

The task of finding a highly skilled, talented, educated and experienced personal trainer in Bangkok can be daunting with all of the newly certified trainers and even non-certified trainers flooding the market. Seems everyday more and more trainers are advertising as personal trainers and content creators on social media platforms such as Facebook.

The best way to start your search for a personal trainer who can meet your needs is to understand exactly what your personal needs are. Some very good questions to ask yourself are:

  1. What are my goals?

  2. What is my preferred training location?

  3. What are my desired training days & times?

  4. What is my budget?

  5. Do I want and English or Thai speaking trainer?

These questions and answers will help your prospective trainer define whether they have availability in their schedule to serve your needs or not. It also helps to narrow down which trainers are in your budget.

So with this, let's break down the categories which you'll need to gain an education in to help sort out and narrow down which trainer is best for you.


Some trainers are versed in a variety of fitness training disciplines and styles while others may have experience in only a few training methods. Typically the rookie personal trainers have limited abilities in that they simply don't have experience training for various styles of fitness. Veteran trainers with many years of experience usually have a longer resume of experience and history of having trained in a broader scope of styles and can provide a more expansive and all encompassing service.

Pro-Fit Bangkok personal trainers for instance are required to have a minimum of 10 years of practical freelance personal training experience to be considered for employment.

Ultimately, you'll need to ask yourself if you think your fitness goals in intricate enough to warrant a trainer with many years of experience and a University education in Exercise Science or if you can get by with a rookie trainer or someone not certified.

Personally, I wouldn't hire a Doctor if he or she didn't have a formal medical education or practical field experience.


With gyms popping up all over Bangkok, there has never been so many training options.

Most gyms are good, some are really good and a couple are actually great.

But with traffic being such a travel deterrent, do you really want to join the "great" new gym that just opened that will take an hour to get to? Nope, nobody has time for that!

When I started my private, freelance personal training business many years ago, I had to offer something special to differentiate myself from other trainers. Something that would enhance my client's training experience and make it more convenient and consistent for better results.

I started offering apartment and condo gym training and the results were amazing. My clients were way more consistent thus, their results were far better and they came much faster.

Most newer Bangkok condo gyms are well equipped with machines from reputable manufacturers and ample cardio equipment so that there is never a wait.

So, if we're talking about gym locations, I have to give the nod to simply training at your condo gym.

Pro-Fit Bangkok condo gym training is a concierge style training method whereas our personal trainers come to your location. All you have to do is simply meet us in your lobby prior to the session start time.

My recommendation on training location definitely goes to your condo gym training option simply for the convenience.


If your training days and times are what w call "prime-time" weekdays from 6am - 8am and 5pm - 7pm then you may have to search for a trainer with availability. Most quality personal trainers are quite busy during these times and you can expect the price to be a bit higher due to the demand.

If you can, try to train between 10am and 4pm as these are "off-peak" training times and are offered at a lower price with most trainers.

Keep in mind that personal trainers have two busy blocks of time. One in the early morning and one in the evening with a block of time late morning until early afternoon whcih they would always like to fill and most offer these time slot at discounted rates.


Search long enough and you'll find persona trainers in Bangkok who offer training as low as 300 Thai Baht per session. Do you want these trainers? NO!

As well, there are personal trainers who are advertising as high as 3,500 Thai Baht per session. Trust me, the prices in Bangkok are all over the board and there is little justification to any of them! Buyer beware, the one thing for certain is that a low priced personal trainer is offering a low price for a reason. At the same time, I know of a couple trainers with only a couple years experience and limited education who are charging 3,000 and higher for sessions.

The International average cost for a personal trainer is $50 per session. Rates can range from $35 up to $70 with some charging higher. Relatively speaking, you should be paying somewhere in the average price range at commercial gyms and studios in Bangkok and slightly higher for private training at your condo gym as the trainer has to add in travel time costs.

Pro-Fit Bangkok personal trainer prices are well within the average with my own personal rates being just slightly high due to my Exercise Science University education and 33 years personal training experience.


This one is up to you! However, I don't know of any foreign trainers in Bangkok who speak Thai fluently so you'll have to hire a Thai national if you prefer Thai language. Most of the foreign personal trainers in Bangkok speak English very well and some are from USA< UK and Australia so they speak English perfectly.

Typically the Thai trainers are going to charge a lower price, but will have less experience simply because the personal training industry in Bangkok is still relatively young.

Pro-FIT Bangkok personal trainers speak English and we also have a staff of Thai trainers to accommodate as well.


Choosing a personal trainer in Bangkok can be easy as long as you understand your needs and go about your search with the intention of finding that trainer who can best serve your needs. I don't suggest shopping price. Any trainer can offer a low price. Not every trainer can offer education, experience and a proven track record of successful training results.

Pro-Fit Bangkok offers the highest quality personal trainers at affordable prices. We have a full staff of personal trainers both foreign and Thai will plenty of availability no matter what your training schedule and budget.

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Author: Dennis Romatz

Date: May 4, 2020

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