bangkok personal trainer price

We have a team of personal trainers in Bangkok offering different prices & packages so that we can accommodate everyone's budget.

Budget friendly Bangkok personal trainer prices

Pro-Fit Bangkok offers a full scope of condo gym, in home, private personal fitness training, nutritional guidance and health related services at affordable prices.

Our professional personal fitness trainers are University educated, experienced, charismatic and passionate fitness industry leaders fully prepared and capable of improving your health and well being.

Our personal trainer prices


Dennis Romatz

Owner & Head Trainer

Pro-Fit Elite Trainer

1 session - 3,200 baht

10 session package - call for price

20 session package - call for price

30 session package - call for price

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NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Pro-Fit Personal Trainer

1 session - 2,000 baht

10 session package - 1,700 each session

20 session package - 1,600 each session

30 session package - 1,500 each session


Yogi Jiva

Certified Yoga Specialist

Pro-Fit Master Trainer

1 session - 2,000

10 session package - 1,600 each session

20 session package - 1,500 each session

30 session package - 1,400 each session

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ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Pro-Fit Personal Trainer

1 session - 1,700 baht

10 session package - 1,600 each session

20 session package - 1,500 each session

30 session package - 1,400 each session

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ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Pro-Fit Personal Trainer

1 session - 1,500 baht

10 session package - 1,400 each session

20 session package - 1,300 each session

30 session package - 1,200 each session

Saigon personal trainer photo.png.png


ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Pro-Fit Personal Trainer

1 session - 1,400

10 session package - 1,300 each session

20 session package - 1,200 each session

30 session package - 1,100 each session

Ready to start training?

Getting started with your Pro-Fit personal trainer in Bangkok is really very easy.

All of our personal trainers are highly qualified and skilled in every aspect of training and fitness. 

Please choose the personal trainer who best fits your budget or simply call us and we'll match you with the personal trainer who has the best availability.

We have a personal trainer for every budget so now everyone can have a personal trainer in Bangkok! 

We'll never turn anyone away and have you be forced to join a fitness class at a lower price.

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Pro-Fit Bangkok price rules, regulations and policies

24 hour cancellation policy strictly enforced.  Sessions cancelled by client less than 24 hours prior to session start time will be charged in the amount of that session.  Absolutely no exceptions.

Packages of ten sessions are required to be used in full within 45 days.  No exceptions allowed.  Some sessions cancelled or missed due to travel is accepted, however a commitment to your fitness program means that you prioritize your fitness training above all else.

We reserve the right to cancel the balance of your paid package of training sessions if client displays misconduct either in the gym, through consistent cancellations or verbal abuse.


Pro-Fit Bangkok rates are commensurate with experience, education, the fact that we offer private training at your home as well as fair market International value.

We do not charge rates equivalent to Thai wages merely because we are in Thailand. 

We do not live in Thailand to charge Thai rates.

We are foreigners, fully experienced, educated and trained.  We are not on expat contracts.  We pay our own expenses.

Any personal trainer in Bangkok who is charging less than Pro-Fit Bangkok rates is simply not a Thai registered legal business.

Pro-Fit Bangkok knows full well how much costs and expenses are to operate a legal busiess in Thailand.

We do not barter on our rates.

Do not respond to our rates by commenting that we are "too expensive".

The reality of personal training in Thailand is that a lot of "people" want to live in Thailand and pose as"personal trainers".

In fact, these perpetrators are not personal trainers, but rather people who lie about any experience they may have in the fitness industry.

Please do not contact us if you have read our "rates" and think we are too expensive.  Personal trainers in other less costly S.E. Asian cities are charging more than us in Thailand.  I know this to be a fact because I own personal training businesses in every major Asian city.

We accomplish in three months what other trainers never achieve in one year. 

Probably not in your best interest to tell us the story of how you worked with a trainer for two years and he's great.  He's not great if you are still paying him after two years.

You get what you pay for.  You want exceptional trainers?  Hire us!