Discover the benefits on our 30 minute Speed Fitness training workouts in Bangkok at half the price of a normal training session.

Speed fitness in Bangkok


Speed fitness workouts in Bangkok

Pro-Fit Bangkok offers Speed Fitness which is a 30 minute workout session.  This is our solution to our clients who have minimal time to workout.

We design an effective training program which targets your primary and secondary goals and allows you to train when you would normally not think you had enough time.  Speed Fitness is a fast paced, high intensity workout program you're sure to love.

Speed fitness if fast & convenient training

Pro-Fit Bangkok Speed Fitness is our perfect solution to those people who say they don't have time to workout.


What is Speed Fitness?

Speed Fitness is a 30 minute long workout consisting of consecutive high intensity movements designed to keep your heart rate at a cardiovascular / fat burning training level.  The exercises invloved are tailored to suit your goals and are typically, but not limited to, lean muscle gain, functional training and strength & conditioning movements. 


How is Speed Fitness better?

Speed Fitness gets you in and finished with a fantastic workout in 30 minutes. 

Allowing for very little rest, this high intensity workout gets the job done quickly without all of the talking and usual breaks.

This saves you time and as we all know, time is money!

This workout is perfect for our clients who have limited time per day to train.

Before work, during lunch and after work fitness workouts are now possible with Pro-Fit Speed Fitness.

Speed Fitness workouts are finished in 30 minutes instead of a regular 50 minutes personal training session.

Speed Fitness costs merely 40% of a regular personal training session.

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We place a great deal of emphasis on nutrition so please visit our Nutrition page and learn about our nutritional guidance, meal plans and food education programs.

We also include educational teaching on Macronutrients, Micronutrients, Immune Boosters and Antioxidants and weight loss in every personal fitness training session.