Weight loss coach in Bangkok

WEIGHT LOSS coaching in bangkok

Pro-Fit Bangkok weight loss & body fat reduction

Healthy, Sustainable Weight Loss & Body Fat Reduction Via Fitness Training & Nutritional Guidance

Pro-Fit Bangkok offers weight loss & body fat reduction programs via fitness training and nutritional guidance which are virtually guaranteed to have your scale weight significantly lower and your body size much smaller. 

We achieve weight loss with 100% of our clients using intelligent fitness training programming while monitoring biometrics with a Polar heart rate monitor to accurately track your progress and scale your workouts.

Weight loss achieved with fitness training

We guarantee weight loss, body fat reduction and a smaller waist line size.

We are able to ensure significant weight loss via fitness training because we prescribe very specific and effective fat reduction training programs which are supported by proper nutritional guidance.


We monitor our client's exercise performance in real time with a Polar H10 wearable heart rate monitor. 

This enables us to track your biometrics and make deviations in training intensity according to the number of calories you need to be deficient to be on a course to burn fat and lose weight. 

As a rule, I need my clients to burn 500 calories in a 50 minute training session (combined with proper nutritional guidance) to have a daily body weight reduction of between .75 and 1 pound.  

Weight loss achieved with nutritional coaching

We supplement every weight loss specific fitness training program with nutritional guidance, meal plans and food education.

It is absolutely imperative that our clients understand the significance of the foods they eat and how they effect their body fat percentages and ultimately their weight.

We monitor our client's daily food intake during each fitness training session.  We also chart weekly and monthly food consumption to get a clear understanding of weight loss amounts during strict days and cheat days.

Food recommendations are made on a daily basis according to your body's reaction and recovery for each workout and as we scale the intensity to achieve more caloric deficiency for greater weight loss.