Weight loss specialist in Bangkok

Our skilled and experienced weight loss specialists and coaches in Bangkok are University educated in exercise physiology and adhere to exercise science to design your weight loss training programs.

We use wearable heart rate tracking technology to closely monitor your heart rate, calories burned and the percentage of calories you burned from fat.  These metrics allows us to always train you in a fat burning zone for maximum weight loss.

weight loss specialist in Bangkok

Weight loss specialist in Bangkok

Our weight loss specialist

Our weight loss specialist is Dennis Romatz who has a University education in Exercise Science.

Dennis' is best known for his weight loss programs which are exercise physiology based and very clinical in scope.

He has all of his weight loss clients wear heart rate tracking technology to track bio metrics and heart rate in real time to ensure that his clients are always training in a maximum fat burning zone.

Dennis guarantees weight loss with every client and can usually get at least 1/2 pound weight loss per day.

Train with Dennis